SEAS Board Believes in Education

The SEAS Board consists of five executives that have established careers in the building engineer industry with leading commercial real estate firms in the Houston marketplace. We are dedicated professionals that take the time to steer future generations of building engineers through education since 1953.

Many of the Board Members have started out as building engineers and now are Directors of Engnieering, Chief Engineers and LEAD Engineers. We are passionate about continually raising the bar to further the building excellence standards and communciations standards within the industry. Our belief is that a highly skilled workforce creates long-term careeer successes!

Anthony Gibson
SEAS Director
(281) 704-9676
Tony Ramirez
SEAS President
(832) 552-6249
SEAS Vice President
(832) 475-6323
Mel Barton
SEAS Tresurer
Jim Casey
SEAS Secretary
PO BOX 6084
KATY, TX 77491-6084
For further information
about SEAS please contact
Anthony Gibson