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Your Workforce Partner. Educating Building Engineers Since 1953.

Our History

SEAS was founded in 1953 as a school to teach building engineers the trade of Stationary Engineer. In the late 1960's it became clear that more building engineers were seeking for a way to increase their knowledge.

The Stationary Engineers Apprenticeship School [SEAS] offers two internationally recognized cerifications for personnel who operate commercial properties. The Building Owners and Manager Institute [BOMI] along with SEAS have compiled a set of technical courses for the career development of building operators.

Earned Designations

The System Maintenance Technician [SMT] program provides today's technicians with the skills that will help them stand out as top performers [those who can raise a building's efficiency while reducing operating costs]. This program covers major buidling operating systems from HVAC and plumbing to electrical and overall control systems. The student will learn the technologies and trends in the field of maintenance, enabling them to maximize the efficiency of their building's systems.

The Systems Management Administrator [SMA] program provides the tools to improve operations, create energy efficiencies, reduce cost, and enhance the values of an asset. An SMA designation holder is reponsible for the operations for the building, as well as management of the team of technicans asssigned to the building. This program teaches the student how to streamline the operation of their building so they can manage the building energy-efficiently, environmentally sound and cost effectively. The student will also gain knowledge and experience in adminstration, energy mangement and environmental health and safety issues.
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