SEAS Forms

download 1. Registration Information - Class Schedule Fall 2019 registration information of class schedule of dates, times, fees, courses, and location
download 2. SEAS Student Information Sheet Complete your student information contact information, work information, and course selection.
download 3. HCC CE Enrollment Form Continuing education enrollment form to be filled out with applicant's information.
download 4. BOMI Enrollment and Release Form This form must be competed and submitted at time of each class registration.
download 5. SEAS Classroom Rules Know your homework policy, class absences/make-up policy, no show students, grading policy and cell phone usage policy.


download SMA Experience Requirement Form This form will explain how to earn the System Maintenance Administrator (SMA) designation along with the meeting the 25 of the 35 experience criteria. All sections must be completed by applicant.
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