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Attention all SEAS Students! All 2020 Spring Classes cancel due to Covid-19 until further notice.

Your Workforce Partner. Educating Building Engineers Since 1953.

Our History

SEAS was founded in 1953 as a school to teach building engineers the trade of Stationary Engineer. In the late 1960's it became clear that more building engineers were seeking for a way to increase their knowledge.

Around that time, Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) was starting classes to teach their members proper operations and maintenance procedures. This educational institute became Building Owners and Manager Institute (BOMI). In the early years of BOMI, SEAS collaborated with BOMI to develop the text book curriculum and classes.

Earned Designations

  • SMT (Systems Maintenance Technician)
  • SMA (System Maintenance Administrator)

DOL (Department of Labor)

Your company must register wtih DOL at the beginning of the 8 courses; upon completion the student earns the DOL designation.

College Credits

26 college credit hours goes toward an Associate Degree in Construction Science [must complete all 8 courses]
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